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Hello and welcome to the Burlington Dental website!

If you are here it is probably because you are looking for a new dentist. We think it is fair to say most dentists offer a similar array of products and services and most dental websites look more or less the same. So how can you choose which dental office will be right for you? To help you with this decision, we want to share why patients choose us. In fact, many of our patients drive long distances, passing dozens of other dental offices to come to Dr. Todd Martin and Burlington Dental and the reasons are simple.

The way you are treated

Much of a patient’s experience that has nothing to do with dentistry. From the moment you walk in the door, you will sense the connection our team has to one another and our patients. We enjoy coming to work and believe it or not, most of our patients actually enjoy coming to see us! That is why it is not uncommon to see big smiles, hugs and patients bearing baked goods and other treats for the staff.


We run on time because we respect yours. Are you tired of other offices where you show up on time or even a little early and then are made to wait and wait with no explanation? We are very serious about running on time and our staff is carefully training to know how long each appointment will take so that they don’t over-book the day and cause delays. Secondly, we take the time to explain your treatment options so you can make fully informed decisions about your health care without any pressure. You are paying us for our training and expertise and it is our job to fully explain your condition and treatment options. It is your job to choose the treatment plan and pace that you are most comfortable with. We like to say that we’ll steer while you control the accelerator.

Old School values

Last but not least, Dr. Martin and our entire staff go out of our way to make sure you realize that we appreciate your business and the confidence you place in us. We like to call it “old school values”. You might actually see Dr. Martin run out in the rain to pull up someone’s car or move his own vehicle so that someone who needs a little help can park closer to the door. Or, he might make time outside his normal office hours to join you at a specialist’s office to provide seamless continuity of care.

Quality of care

Have you ever had the feeling in your gut that you didn’t get the best care from your current or previous dentist? Although most dental offices offer the same list of services, the attention to detail of the care provided can vary widely from office to office. Let us provide some examples that you may be able to relate to:

Our 18 year success rate on dental crown and bridge is 99.7%. That means our crowns fit right, stay on, and the shades are expertly color matched to look like you were born with them.

Continuing education

There are several reasons our success rate is as high as it is: Dr. Martin earns three times the required hours of continuing education required by the state each year so that he stays on top of the latest treatment and diagnostic protocols.


Probably the most critical component of our success is effective communication. If you were to ask any of our specialist’s offices or dental labs, they will tell you that they hear more from Dr. Martin in a week than they do from other dentists in a year. That is because he likes to pick up the phone and talk about his patient’s cases so that our entire team is well prepared and informed and can ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our Specialists

With such huge technological advancements in some of the dental specialties, we feel your care should never be compromised. This means that for some procedures we may send you to the finest specialists in the area. Our specialists and their staffs are interviewed by Dr. Martin to ensure that the doctors we refer to are top in their respective fields and offer the same level of compassion, technology and patient experience as you do when you are in our office.

From the moment you walk in to Burlington Dental, you will recognize that Dr. Martin and his team set the bar higher and we look forward to treating you to a new and better experience!

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